Facility Rentals

  1. Two facilities are available for rent at 6901 Derbyshire Road
    1. Indoor Community Room Spacious air-conditioned/heated room
      • Full kitchen
      • Tables and chairs for approximately 70 people
      • Restroom access
    2. Outdoor Shelter
      • Electricity
      • Restroom Access
  2. Rental Reservations – taken by Diana Bossingham at clerktreasurer@southport.in.gov or (317) 786-3585 with your $150 Deposit (see procedures below). Residents can reserve facilities beginning January 1 for the whole calendar year.
    1. Non-residents can make reservations beginning March 1 for the calendar year.
  3. 2014 Facility rental rates ( $150 deposit required for all indoor rentals)
    Rental Rates Full-Day AM PM
    Indoor $120 ($270) $65 ($215) $80 ($230)
    Outdoor $75
    Indoor $160 ($310) $85 ($235) $100 ($250)
    Outdoor $100
    1. Reserve your date: Your $150 deposit holds your date for you. The City will deposit your check, then write a $150 check back to you if there are no damages to city property while you are using the facilities. Deposit can be cash, money order or personal check.
    2. Get your key: The week of your event, you must bring CASH or MONEY ORDER for rental fee, and a drivers’ license for verification. Southport residents must also prove residency with a current utility bill. At this time, you will sign the contract with the rules for rental, and receive your key to the facility.
  4. Please remember that these facilities are smoke and alcohol free!

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