Parks & Facilities

The 3.75 acre park, located at 6901 Derbyshire, was established in the 1960’s.  The park is south of Little Buck Creek and east of Derbyshire Road.  Included in the 3.75 acres is a Community Room and Municipal Offices.  The Southport Police Department and the Perry Senior Center is also located in the city building.

The playground equipment, while old and in need of restoration, is enjoyed by many.  Parents and grandparents, who once played on the equipment when it was new nearly 45 years ago, often bring their children and grandchildren to play on the same equipment.

In December 2013, the Park Board entered into contact with KAR Equipment, Anderson, IN, and Miracle Midwest, Inc., Okemos, MI, to restore the majority of the current play equipment and replace a swing set that was destroyed in a storm a few years ago.  The restoration and new equipment is expected to be completed towards the end of spring 2014.

The equipment and ground space will be brought to current safety code and promises to be a place where families of all shapes and sizes will come to enjoy time with each other or meet-up with neighbors and friends.

The park has:

  • shelter house
  • picnic tables
  • grills
  • play equipment
  • basketball court
  • drinking fountain
  • vending machines
  • open space.

The community room and outdoor shelter are available for rental for your next event.

The main office for the Department of Parks and Recreation is:

6901 Derbyshire Road
Southport, IN  46227

Information about events can be found at

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