The purpose of the Park Board is to perform all acts necessary to acquire and develop sites and facilities and to conduct programs that are generally understood to be park and recreation functions. The Park Board meets monthly in the Community Building, 6901 Derbyshire, Southport, IN 46227, at 6:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month and meetings are open to the public.

The Park Board is composed of four Southport residents as well as one additional member from the school corporation who, based on their interest in and knowledge of parks and recreation, are appointed by the Mayor of Southport.

Marcia Schaeffer

Board President


10308061_10203674179680316_2708709087862367307_n Dana Fraley

Board Member

Term expires 2019

 Patrick W. Mapes

Board Member

Perry Township School Corporation

Responsibilities and Duties of the Park Board

As outlined by Indiana Code, the Park Board shall:

  • Exercise general supervision of and make rules for the department;
  • Establish rules governing the use of the park and recreation facilities by the public;
  • Provide police protection for its property and activities;
  • Appoint the necessary administrative officers of the department and fix their duties;
  • Establish standards and qualifications for the appointment of all personnel and approve their appointments without regard to politics;
  • Make recommendations and an annual report to the executive and fiscal body of the city concerning the operation of the board and the status of park and recreation programs in the city;
  • Prepare and submit an annual budget.

Powers allotted to the Park Board by Indiana Code:

  • Enter into contracts and leases for facilities and services;
  • Contract with persons for joint use of facilities for the operation of park and recreation programs and related services;
  • Contract with another board, a unit, or a school corporation for the use of park and recreation facilities or services, and a township or school corporation may contract with the board for the use of park and recreation facilities or services.

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