Overview & History

The City of Southport, currently boasting a population of 1,712 people, 696 households, and 484 families, (based on the 2010 census), was settled in 1832 by a Presbyterian family who established a church along little Buck Creek.  In 1853, Southport became one of the first incorporated towns in Marion County.  In the mid-1970’s, Southport became a city.

Little Buck Creek remained important to the city as this was the location of a grist mill that became the gathering place for the people of the area.  Businesses began to grow along Southport Road which runs generally parallel to Little Buck creek.

The park, located at 6901 Derbyshire, was established in the 1960’s.  The playground equipment, while old and in need of restoration, is enjoyed by many.  Parents and grandparents, who once played on the equipment when it was new, bring their children and grandchildren to play on the same equipment.  The renovation plans, which will be completed in spring 2014, will attempt to return the park to what it looked like in the 1970’s.  The equipment and ground space will be brought to current safety code and promises to be a place where families of all shapes and sizes will come to enjoy time with each other or meet-up with neighbors and friends.

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