Jeff Sutt breaks ground on veteran’s memorial in Southport park

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Jeffrey Sutt (third from left) and his team of volunteers break ground on the veteran’s memorial. To the right, Southport Mayor Russell McClure and Clerk-Treasurer Diana Bossingham.

Local Boy Scout Jeffrey Sutt, of Troop #316, broke ground on his Eagle Scout project on May 19. Digging up the rose bushes surrounding the American flag at Southport Park, he and his team of volunteers have begun preparing the area for a veteran’s memorial. A flag from each branch of the U.S. military will surround the American Flag, decorated with a retaining wall and brick pavers to create a memorial that Sutt said he hopes people feel proud visiting, taking pictures and remembering those who have sacrificed for freedom.

“I like doing stuff for the veterans and seeing their faces when they see us give back,” said Sutt, a student at Perry Meridian High School. “I wanted to do something that would benefit Flag Day in the park, where a lot of people show up. For my Eagle Scout project, I wanted to do a memorial for all veterans and active servicemen. I’m looking forward to getting it completed and hopefully seeing a lot of people come and see the flags and enjoy the project itself.”

Southport’s next Flag Retirement Ceremony is June 14, Flag Day, at 7:30 p.m. The Boy Scout troop will be on hand to help the Southport Flag Committee honorably retire hundreds of American flags. Sutt’s Eagle Scout project is expected to be completed in the early fall. He is still fundraising for the flag poles, and will begin selling engraved brick pavers of assorted sizes to be used in the memorial. Those interested can email